what are gel nail polish. Cosmetic treatments are very popular presently. Earlier, someone wished to have these treatments at his/her engagement, marriage or a special party but now-a-days these cosmetic treatments have turned into a regular requirement for any person especially a lady. As every lady wants to be perfect, there is no doubt that she wants hers hands and toes to be perfect also. For this desire of beauty, cosmetics has brought many treatments, the most common one is manicure. Manicure is a cosmetic treatment done especially for hands. It includes making the nails in perfect shape and them painting them with nail polish. It also helps in removing the cuticles and also makes the skin of the hand very smooth and bright. A manicure can be done on home as well as salon. Manicures are of both men and women. If you get the manicure done every week, you will find your hands very elegant and attractive too. Now, we will discuss about the most popular and worthy types of manicures.
acrylic manicure is cleaning of nails properly.
manicure bar is a type of shop present in market use it .
glitter manicure is cleaning of nails at the upper side like polishing.
what are gel nail polish.
use diy manicure to make your nails smooth and soft.
nail technician is a cutting of nails in proper manner.
Now, we will discuss about the most popular and worthy types of manicures.

The first one here is:

1.Regular manicure-

It can also be named as basic manicure. In this type of manicure, you just need to soak your hands in lukewarm water which includes some kind of soap. Soaking helps in removing the dead cells. After soaking, the dead cells lose themselves and they are easily removed by a little scrubbing. It makes the hands bright and fairer. After this, if you are in a salon, then the service provider will provide you with a short hand massage and will also trim your nails. If you want, the service providers will put on the nail polish or otherwise you can also ask for buffing.

2. French manicure-

it is the one which is very popular presently among women. In this style, you have the freedom to choose the shape of your nails according to your taste and best thing is that it makes the tips of the nail white. It also provides colorless nail paint on the nail which makes them shine and looks normal. A fast and short time massage is also included in it

3. Nail spa manicure-

it is actually expensive and time consuming than others. Each and every spa uses its own different tricks and ingredients to make it different from others. This process provides relaxation.

4. Paraffin based manicure-

it is a kind of liquid with which the hands are wrapped so that it gets deeper into the skin. This process also includes basic manicure but it is quite more effective. After knowing about the different kind of manicures, you can just go for the one according to your spending limit and your will.

Manicure on the tip of the nails


manicure to get soft nails 

Manicure fingures


liquid  manicure

flower  Manicure


manicure by flowers 

Manicure by washing hands


manicure by washing hands with soap 

Manicure on the tip of the nails


 nails manicuring 

Manicure by rubbing nails


hands nails  manicure

Manicure on by washing fingers


fingers  manicure

Manicure by rubbing hands


manicure rubbing hands 

Manicure care nails


manicure care 

Manicure nail care


  manicure nails care 

Manicure washing hands in soap


Manicure by ice water


manicure with ice

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