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Presently everyone is searching for easy nail art and nail art ideas that can be 3d nail art, christmas nail art, nails art, french nails and many other things. 3d nail art is a very creative form of easy nail art and nail art ideas. It is called 3d nail art as this nail art ideas is inspired from the three dimension look. French nails are very good looking and these nail art can be done for Christmas nail art. French nails are also a easy nail art ideas. Christmas nail art is done especially on christmas . nails art are cool to do and here we have got a unique nail art idea.

There are many ways to go for nail art,the latest one is color blocking.

Do you see this image above..? Even you cal also have the same look,the follow the given steps and you will get this

 1st step:collect all your stuff at one place. Before starting,you should keep all your required stuff in front of you so that you can use it constantly.To get this look,to can pick up any 3 different colors,whether of same shade or totally different.You will also need a scotch white tape so that you can have finished and clear strokes.

nail art ideas

colorful nail art on nails red dark pink and sparkling 


2nd step:Apply a color for the base your nail art You can start with any color for your base you desire.You can use cream based nail polish because its light and perfect for multiple layers.

easy nail art

collect all these for colorful nail art


3rd step:Start using tape according to your dimensions As written above,cut small pieces of tape and place the on your nails in the dimension you want to but after your base coat is completely dried.And then apply the second color you have selected for the look and let it dry.try to cover your nails with tape in almost triangle look.

3d nail art

deep pink nail paint


4th step:Put the second color on Here,you have to clearly paint your nails so that the area covered by tape does not get messy.By doing so,you will get an quick and effective result.

christmas nail art

use scocth tape 


5th step: Unstick the tape to see the dimensions of nail paint Now,smoothly remove the tape after it dries and you will be able to see new dimensions of small triangles on your beautiful nails.

nails art


6th step:Prepare for the next step Here your nails have almost completed the color blocking art and you are just a step away.While your nail polish is drying,can can cut off more pieces of tape for your next step.

french nails

7th step: Re-tape and re-paint your nails Now cover the nail area which was coated firstly and secondly.Do this with each of your finger carefully because perfectness of this step will lead to the quality of the result

nail art ideas


8th step:For finishing,apply the last coat As in 5 th step above,here also you have to paint very carefully.It will result in 3 blocks of different color.Once painting is over,wait for some time and see,you got the color blocked look.

nail art ideas


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