Wrist watches have been in use for a very long time period. With change in time, the design ad style of wearing watches also changed rapidly. Earlier, watch were just a material to watch time but now-a-days it is a fashion status, a fashion accessory and standard setter of your personality. Seiko is also a good brand. If we talk about the variety, earlier there were only a few, but now there are almost uncountable.

we are talking about top brands in women wrist watches and they are:

1. Rolex : Rolex is an international brand and one of the best watch brands. Rolex watches represent prestige and honor. It’s the first brand to offer water proof watches. These watches claim that they are more accurate in comparison to any other brand. It is high in quality and definition. It comes in a wide range of colors with white gold, diamonds and stainless steel.


golden rolex


black rolex


2. Gucci : You must have heard this name because it is one of the best watch brands. In designing, it is the most forward brand as it offers a wide range of designs. It does not give more colors but it provides sleek designing and luxury comfort. It reflects your taste as well. Gucci’s black watch is very famous. It’s something used by swiss army also.


hard black  gucci watch


metal  gucci watch


gucci metal watch


3. Breitling : This brand is well as known as official supplier to women in case of watches. It reflects a bold and hard working character of women who struggle a lot in their life. Once it was famous among the pilots and this brand is very historical as well. These watches are great in holding classic look.


Breitling metal watch


Breitling metal watch


4. Christian Dior : this brand, when newly came, it was unique in itself. It was the first to come with black watch and silver tones of wrist watches. The black watch of this brand is very classy. It is a perfect decorating element for any wrist and these watches have sex appeal also. Sinn watches and swiss army have nice presence and appearance. These watches are filled with diamonds, pearls and sapphires. Sinn watches are also in lights.

Christian Dior

Christian Dior black watch

Christian Dior

Christian Dior pink and blue watch


5. Michael Kors : It is one of the famous brands among wrist watches. It is especially known for its oversize designs with so many colors in stainless steel. It also comes in gold plating. One more pro of this brand is that it is really affordable and it’s a best watch brands.

michael kors

michael kors hard black watch 

Michael  Kors

golden Michael Kors

Now we will talk about top brands in men wrist watches and they are:

1. Diesel : This brand came into existence in 1978. Diesel men’s is a brand rich in quality and standard. It is well known for its sleek designing with stainless steel.

2. Omega : This brand is very attractive including its models. Everyone marvel at them. This brand was established many decades ago. The gold watches of omega are preferred more. People really trust this brand because of its history.

3. Jetset : It is a brand launched by Michael kors. Its display type is analog which is liked by men so much. It is the best and affordable brand in the country in 2013.

4. Luminox: It is a brand that comes with wrist watches including day, date and time. It is mainly designed for government officials. This brand has a very good differentiation in colors. Its display is Arabic numeral which makes it common among the officials as well as non official consumers. The sinn watches and swiss army are also good to see and wear.

5. Gucci Designer Watch : These watches are the best to represent pace, functionality and elegancy. This brand was propagated in 1921. It shows luxury, style, sport and many more eras. This brand is liked all over.

6. seiko: it is a famous brand name in field of watches. Seiko watches are nice and pleasant appearance. Seiko watch is costly a bit but still affordable.



led watches


black  watch


brown leather  watch


black leather  watches

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