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here you you can information about katy perry. On 30th of December in 2011, just 14 months after their marriage, Russell Brand filed a Katy Perry Divorce. Katy was so depressed that she tried to do suicide. In her documentary, it was disclosed that this Katy Perry Divorce happened because she was not agree to start the family . Katy Perry Divorce is famous all around . In 2012, she was in an up and down relationship with John Mayer.this is the katy perry news in controversy 

Katy Perry, a renowned star of Hollywood, well known for her stage appearance and versatility, is an American singer. Her full name is Katheryn Elizabeth. She is also known as Katy Hudson. Along with a singer, she is an amazing actress also. Besides, she is also a song writer, a philanthropist and women involved in business. She was born in California. She was born on 25th of October in 1984.

Katy has received a lot of awards and nominations for her work and performance. Katy Perry has, in July 2012, released her autobiographical movie in 3D. This movie was named Katy Perry: part of me. This movie was like a documentary and based on Katy’s life. In 2013, she was ranked as one of the singers whose singles are sold worldwide at a huge range in millions of buyers. Her genres are electronic, pop, dance and rock. She is also good in instruments, she knows guitar, vocals and piano. In her childhood, from 9 to 6 of her age, she used to sing in the church. In Santa Barbara, she learnt dancing. When she was 9 years old, she started to take her vocal trainings. In 1999, she completed her school and decided to make a career in the field of music. She learnt playing guitar, making songs and writing in Nashville. Katy left her home when she was 17 and went to Los Angeles and started working for Islands records. Katy was so much inspired by Ballard. Howsoever, she had a meeting with Ballard, demonstrated one of her song. After this, Ballard helped her out to improve her song writing skills. Katy got her debut music album in 2007. Album was named “One of the boys”. It brought good charm for Katy Perry and she got some songs to do with Dr.Luke who is a producer and writer. After this, she got the records “Hot and cold” and “I kissed a girl”. “Ur so gray” named her video, was the introduction her video to the music world. In 2008, she brought herself in the television series named “ABC Family”. In 2012, she was a guest in the X factor show. She released an album named “Teenage dream” in 2012 and its success was record breaking. In 2013, she is in headlines for her album “Prism”. Personally, Katy is religious and believes in god. Publicly, she is a sex symbol and well known for her amazing dressing styles and looks. Her vocal range is contralto. She met Russell Brand in 2009, and started dating each other in November. In December of 2009, they did engagement and then in 2010, on 23rd of October, they got married in Rajasthan, India.
In 2013, Katy has given a big hit.Its her single named ‘Roar”. In it, she has given an awesome appearance and it is a record breaking song.here you will get some katy perry picture,katy perry video and  images

katy perry in pink dress

katy perry

katy perry wallpaper


katy perry picture in blond look 

katy perry

katy perry images 

katy perry in white dress with skirt

katy perry

katy perry in white shirt


katy perry tattooin her hand 

katy perry

katy perry tattoo

katy perry brown eyes

katy perry

katy perry

katy perry shiny hairs 

katy perry

katy perry hairs

katy perry blond look 

katy parry

katy parry hairstyle

katy perry short hairstyle

katy perry

katy perry hairstyle in white t-shirt 


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