5 Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Everyone wants to be perfect from tip to toe. Suppose your hairs, dress, accessories and style is all good but what to do if you have cracked heels or foot cracks . Well, that is a typical problem to solve but we have some natural remedies for you so that you can also get crack-free heels to show off in your open sandals. now you can get rid of dry cracked heels

here are 5 home remedies for cracked heels  and tells you about how to keep your heels from cracking  and dry hands cracking treatment is also available

causes of cracked heels: are running with out any footwear ,not cleaning your heels while bathing causes of cracked heels are running with out any footwear ,not cleaning your heels while bathing these are the causes of cracked heels

how to keep your heels from cracking. now it is easy by following these 5 Home Remedies For Cracked Heels

Take some warn water and add salt into it. Now, dip your feet in this water. Keep your feet in this mixture for 15 to 20 minutes.
Scrub the sides and heel of your feet with a feet scrubber.
Now you have to prepare a humid mixture for your feet which you can apply after taking your feet out of warm water. So, for this, take 1tsp of rose water, lemon juice and unmixed Glycerine. Apply this mixture on your feet and wear your socks, so that this can remain on your feel for the whole night.
Next morning, cleanse this mixture with the help of warm water.
Go over this process for few days to get soft and smooth heels.
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First of all, dip your feet in warm water so that all the dirt is removed, after that, dry your heels with a towel.
Take lemon juice and 1 tsp of Vaseline and make a mixture. Apply this on your cracked feet properly so that the skin absorbs it.
Keep this mixture on your feet overnight and wash off in the morning with warm water.
this is the best home remedies for cracked heels
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Honey is well known for its beauty benefits. Honey has hundreds of beauty benefits and one is that it nourishes well.
Take one bucket of warm water and mix near about one cup of honey in it. Soak your feet for 20 minutes and then use a scrubber to scrub your feet and wash smoothly.
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4. Avocado and banana mix
Take some ripe banana and take out its pulp. Now apply this pulp on your feet. Wash after keeping for 10 minutes.
There is another option that you can also make a mask with these two ingredients.
For this, take half avocado and a ripe banana. Mix these two and apply on your feet to get feet free from cracks.by using this you can get rid of dry cracked heels

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5. Olive Oil
Olive oil is a very nice basis for getting beautiful skin.
Apply some olive oil on your feet. In other words, you can do massage with olive oil on your feet. After this, cover your feet with a pair of socks and keep for near about an hour.
Apply this regularly you will get rid of dry cracked heels .

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